My Mini Wolf

Please meet ÆREST, which is Old English for First.

I have chosen this name for my baby Wulfrunian woluf because he is part of the first Wolves in Wolves project, his decoration is based on Princes Square where the first automated traffic lights in the country were trialed in 1927 and where, in 1934, the first pedestrian safety barriers in the country were installed and Old English was the language spoken when Wolverhampton was founded.

(Æ is pronounced a as in cat, but there is some discrepancy as to how REST is pronounced - the e could be e as in rest or as in eight. Any help from budding Old English experts out there will be gratefully accepted).
My Wolf (Front View)
My Wolf (Left side view)
My Wolf (Back view)
I have used black and white photos from Wolverhampton archives of Princes Square and some taken myself.

I altered them by printing them out in different sizes and in different densities.

Then, after playing around with the pictures against the model of the wolf and deciding where they were to go, I cut each picture into strips and stuck the strips to the wolf model using a decoupage glue/lacquer.

The strips are stuck on off alignment so that they create an overall impression of the image they make up but also add interest so that from a distance it's not clear what is specifically going on and so a close inspection is required to see the detailed images.
My Wolf (Right side view)
My Wolf (Left ear detail view)
My Wolf (Right ear detail view)

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